Strategic Foundations™ Framework
The components of our Strategic Foundations ™ Framework build upon one another to provide a complete philosophical foundation for business. While every company should determine such an overarching philosophy, this framework can be applied at virtually any level--from the core of the company through divisions and departments and right down to individual employees.
The components of the framework are:
  • Reality: The Strategic Foundation on which most companies focus, and for good reason: it’s the context in which Passion, Purpose, Vision, and Values operate. Reality includes all of the elements comprehended by traditional business strategy: the economy, competitors, buyers, suppliers, etc. The Strategic Foundations framework creates leverage for addressing Reality from a deep, new perspective that is shared across the senior executive team.
  • Passion: Perhaps Randy Komisar said it best in The Monk and the Riddle: "Passion pulls you toward something you cannot resist." Passion is the fundamentally personal manifestation of your deepest human desire to achieve, to create, and to find fulfillment in your life. Your Passion helps to determine and support your Purpose.
  • Purpose: Purpose is your fundamental reason for existence. It is the visible life goal that your Passion inspires you to achieve. Your individual Passion will help determine and support your individual Purpose, and individual Passion provides a leverage point for aligning individual Purpose with organizational Purpose.
  • Values: Values are fundamental guiding principles; they are so fundamental, in fact, that the individual or organization that holds them would cease operations before violating them.
  • Vision: In the context of Strategic Foundations, the often-misunderstood term “Vision” refers to a company’s bold, ambitious, and ultimately achievable aspirations for its own future. Your individual Vision is comprised of goals that similarly plot a course towards your Purpose.