Many projects are doomed from the beginning although you may not realize it until mid-stream as the project fails to sustain momentum or even gain traction. At the root of this is often one of three things: (1) lack of strong leadership and management to facilitate daily deliverables and hold individuals accountable, (2) lack of adequate resources and cross-organizational support or (3) lack of clear priorities from executive leaders.
Morningstar’s consultants have led 100’s of projects across numerous organizations and disciplines. From eCommerce, to strategic planning, to lean management, to process redesign, to IT strategy, to outsource vendor management systems, to strategic sourcing. At the core of every project leadership engagement are clear agreements and commitments from all team members and affected cross-functional groups and leaders as well as effective foundational mechanisms or tools for managing these programs. These mechanisms include a Daily Report-Up Meeting (DRUM), focused daily status dashboards for progress and accountabilities, coordinated executive status reviews, and corrective action processes.