Morningstar Consulting Group


Morningstar has a proud heritage of staffing and hiring only the best and the brightest. Our consultants typically have more than 10 years of industry and consulting experience and are considered to be exceptional collaborators and leaders by their peers, clients, and former employers. We are proud to note the following current and prior consultants among our distinguished staff and alumni:
Professional Role Linked In Bio
Joe Morrow Founder, Strategy and Leadership
Vince Cavasin Co-Founder, Strategy and Change Management
Michael Czarnota Associate Director
John Strelecky Former Partner, Change Management Leader
Eric Gurry Strategy Consultant
Justin Boudrow eCommerce Strategy and Execution
Kahn Kim Operations and Marketing Consultant
Rick LeDuc Project Management Consultant
Elizabeth Chen International Wholesale Consultant
Satish Kolluri Information Technology Strategist
Dirk Wyngarden Project and Account Leader
Kathryn Weismantel Strategy Consultant
Martin Concannon Project and Account Leader
Ahmed Yehia Advisor
John Ebersole Strategy Consultant and Advisor
R. “Srini” Srinivasa eCommerce and IT Strategy
Tony Petruccelli Information Technology Strategist
Edward Mannix Strategy and Change Management Consultant
Carol Almeda-Morrow Marketing and Social Media Strategy
Chris Luoma Strategy Consultant
Alan Shahidi Strategy and Process Consultant
Bob Lilienfeld Marketing Strategy & Creative Guru
Jim McGough Business Strategy and eCommerce Consultant
PK Bala Operations Strategy and Leadership
Tom Willig Marketing Strategy and Leadership