Who We Are
Morningstar Consulting Group is a full-service management consulting firm that brings together Business Strategy and Business Philosophy™ to drive better results and lasting value for our clients. We do this by augmenting traditional strategic analysis and business execution practices with our unique Strategic Foundations™ and Leadership Diamond® frameworks. This approach comprehends both strategic vision and present reality and yields higher impact in shorter timeframes than traditional methods. Our guiding principles in implementing this approach include a strong sense of Business Philosophy™, a razor-sharp focus on results, and unwavering integrity.
Morningstar owes its existence to its founders' desire to strive for excellence and integrity as personal ideals, and to promote these ideals in the minds of clients and colleagues. We believe that these ideals are grounded in self-awareness, maturity and respect for ourselves and one another.
All Morningstar consultants commit to upholding Morningstar’s Purpose, Values, and Vision in all aspects of the company’s business and their client engagements by delivering measureable value for our clients to the best of their ability, delivering difficult truths empathetically as the situation requires, and listening purposefully seeking to understand and bridge differences.
In harmony with our emphasis on Business Philosophy™, our core focus is on creating lasting sustainable and transformational value for our clients. To accomplish this we are purposeful in how we work with our clients:
  • Our engagements are designed with explicit, tangible objectives in mind
  • We work collaboratively with our clients, illuminating and augmenting the knowledge and insights they possess in order to create practical and achievable recommendations
  • Our recommendations are based on unbiased, realistic analysis; we tell clients what they need to know, rather than what they want to hear